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In-depth industry interviews. Gain insight from the leading lights, the outliers, the movers-and-shakers who have paved the way for you. Find inspiration in these fortnightly conversations on all things art and acting.


Tips, tactics and talking about Wholeness. These fortnightly articles - musings and meditations - invite you to dig deeper into what it truly means to be an Artist.

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Connect with a committed community of actors, artists and creatives from across New Zealand and around the world.

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A powerhouse trio of master teachers - each drilling into a distinct facet of the actor's work.


Zdravstvuyte, I am Elena!
As a little girl, I was drawn to the glowing light of the stage. Steeped in Russia's rich tradition and inspired by the masters, I danced, I sang, I played music, I clowned.
Other children dabbled. I fell in love.
Now sharing this light through performing, directing and teaching is my life.

But first I had to leave my homeland and become an explorer.
I rebuilt my life in foreign places, rediscovered my voice in strange new languages. I became friends with the unknown. Now I dance with it, sing with it, create with it. The unknown is my canvas.

The artist is a nomad who shows up everyday to a blank canvas of infinite possibility. Inside our ever-changing industry, the artist can always find the the candle burning in one place.

Welcome to the Studio.
Discover your genius.
Become the master of your unique canvas.
Let your spirit reach further than you can even imagine.

To be a Radical Actor is to be an Explorer.
Your potential is limitless, so we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.
Let’s get to work!
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IMAGE: Elena in Midnight in Moscow - Auckland Theatre Company


Kia ora, I'm Jon!
I live in the forest - a rural retreat outside of Wellington called Tōmairangi. This literally translates to 'dew' or, more poetically, a blessing on the land.  It's protected land, which means I don't really 'own' it, I'm merely a kaitiaki - a guardian - for a time.

The forest is full of pathways. Most are long-forgotten and overgrown. But, at some time serving some purpose, for animal or maybe human. Pathways for guidance, protection,  shelter, ease, sustenance. These pathways are as much about the journey as the destination. Step by step.

Living here, I've learnt how to slow down, to observe. So now I can see the patterns. Cycles. Returning and repeating motifs. For example, the way the flowering of the puawananga heralds the start of Spring.

Walking the forest has taught me to open my eyes and see anew. Hear. Smell. Feel. Come home to the body.

Join me in the Gym.
Identify your current physical and vocal pathways and patterns.
Explore new (and, unsurprisingly, often very old) pathways and patterns.
Experience the value of repeating, returning, revealing your depth.

To be a Radical Actor is to be a Guardian.
Protect the stories and the storytellers.
Unearth the hidden truths.
Let's get moving!
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IMAGE: Jon in Ngā Waiata o te Pō - Chamber Music New Zealand


Kia ora, I’m Justin!
I’m an actor and a trained magician.
Yes, you read that right: I’m a conjuror, a prestidigitator. I DO MAGIC.

As a maverick 13 year old, I cut my teeth in the rest homes, Rotary Clubs and children’s birthday parties of subtropical Kerikeri. I grew a bit taller and grew a pony-tail to add to the glamour of it all.

Then I grew up properly and became an actor.
But through drama school, through my work as an actor and through my work as a teacher, magic has stuck around. It's not going anywhere. It’s part of me.
Magic defies reality. The perfect evidence that things aren’t always what they seem.

A magician masters the science of manipulating reality.
An actor does that too, though, of course, within the confines of a set of imaginary circumstances.

What would it take for us to have that same power over our real lives?
How do we create and live out the reality of our dreams? How do we reach our full potential as actor-humans?

Step into the Lab.
I invite you to take a peek behind the curtain, to discover, test and build your limitless mindset with me.
Magic has a structure. A sequence. You just need to master the mechanics.

To be a Radical Actor is to be a Magician.
Let's create your new reality.
Let’s make magic together!
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IMAGE: Justin in Mrs Krishnan's Party - Indian Ink Theatre Company

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